cut your carbon footprint with ethical carbon offsetting.

We are the last generation with the power to save our planet. Join GenZero today from just £8.50 per month and offset your unavoidable emissions with a membership package to suit you. 

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GenZero ethical carbon offsets fund climate projects that reduce or prevent carbon emissions.


Choose a monthly package that best matches your level of unavoidable emissions - individual, couple or family.

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Your monthly gift will fund carbon offsetting projects while you get to feel great about being carbon neutral.

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If you're happy for us to stay in touch we'll send you tips to help you cut your carbon footprint even further! 

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GenZero is the easy, ethical and impactful way to go carbon neutral. Play your part, sign up today.

Ethical offsetting with the biggest impact

For people and the planet

GenZero is powered by CARE International – your offsets fund life-changing, climate-positive projects. Commit today to reducing your avoidable carbon footprint. Then offset your unavoidable emissions and stand alongside the communities already on the frontline of the climate crisis.

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Your actions are Gold Standard

We only use Gold Standard Carbon Credits, the very best for both the climate and for social impact. Every project is certified to avoid, reduce or remove carbon emissions as well as supporting sustainable development – protecting forests, providing safe water or improving health.

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You’re in control all the way

GenZero is the only way to carbon offset and stay completely in control. You can pause, skip or stop your monthly payments, and change your package as your family grows or your emissions reduce! Go to the GenZero account page to see how.

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Genzero projects in action

The projects you’ll help fund are guaranteed to bring climate-positive solutions and long-term sustainable development. And, as our GenZero community grows, so will the number of our climate-conscious projects.

Safe water in Sierra Leone

The Safe Water project in Sierra Leone brings clean drinking water direct to communities – families no longer have to boil water to make it safe, saving thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions from firewood and coal...

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Mozambique community borehole project

This innovative community project in Mozambique has not only provided nearly 330,000 people with clean water, but it’s given women time back from collecting water that they can use to earn money or access education…

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Here's what our members have to say


“I’ve been looking for a better way to offset for ages, turns out it couldn’t be easier to do the right thing!”


Individual package


“We’ve loved learning how to reduce our family footprint – and knowing that we’re supporting positive impact for families already living with climate change.”


Family package


“It’s great to know I can offset what I genuinely can’t avoid – and with projects that make such a difference.”


Individual package

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Each month almost 80% of your membership covers the cost of the carbon credits generated by our specially selected climate-positive projects. The remaining 20% is used to grow GenZero, ensuring it reaches as many people as possible, as well as funding CARE International’s wider work fighting poverty across the globe.

We all have a part to play in protecting our planet. Start your journey to carbon neutral today with GenZero. 

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