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The world's poorest 3 billion people are responsible for just 7% of the world's carbon emissions. And yet they are living on the frontline of the global climate crisis.

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As the world races towards 1.5 degrees of warming, we all need to take action to reduce our impact on the planet, and its people.

GenZero offsets allow you to offset your unavoidable carbon emissions. We are powered by CARE International, a global development charity dedicated to supporting people out of poverty across the globe. Our transformational development projects offer clean, sustainable energy solutions, access to safe water and the tools people around the world need to fight against climate change.

Join the GenZero community today and offset to protect both the planet and all its people.

How does offsetting with genzero work?

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Work out what your unavoidable emissions are by using the packages on our sign up page – this is what you need to offset.

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Reduce your footprint! We’ll give you tips to help you reduce, reuse and recycle so your avoidable emissions start to fall…

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Sign up for the GenZero package that best matches your unavoidable emissions – individual, couple or family.

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Your offsets will fund our Gold Standard climate projects – designed for maximum impact for the planet and its people.

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You’ll be funding projects that protect natural habitats and wildlife – and secure long-term change with cleaner air and safe water.

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You’ll support CARE International’s work with frontline communities to create sustainable livelihoods and gender equality.

A greener, fairer place for everyone

Now is the time

We are the last generation with the power to combat climate change, and we have a collective responsibility to reduce our carbon emissions. But there will always be some that are unavoidable. With GenZero, you can offset those emissions by funding ethical, Gold Standard climate projects to help protect the future of our planet.

Now is the time
Save the planet, save lives
Save the planet, save lives

CARE International’s innovative projects not only protect the planet, they change lives. For example, the distribution of locally made fuel-efficient stoves reduces the amount of firewood needed, which means less harmful indoor smoke and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Good for families, good for the environment.

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CARE International works in over 100 countries to support millions of the world’s poorest people out of poverty.

Our life-changing programmes offer families and communities the tools, knowledge and support they need to build their own secure futures. To fight the causes of poverty, and to overcome the life-threatening impacts of climate change.

Your offsets will fund innovative projects to both reduce environmental impact and help communities adapt to the impacts of climate change.

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