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Mozambique is among the countries already impacted by the climate crisis – but communities are adapting thanks to a Gold Standard rural water project.

Across Mozambique, communities have been reliant on burning firewood for both cooking and purifying their drinking water. And a rise in the number of extreme weather events over the past years has put additional strain on access to water.   

Now, the Community Safe Water Project has fixed and improved an impressive 1,000 boreholes in Mozambique, giving nearly 330,000 people access to safe drinking water. And new hand-pumped boreholes have provided desperately needed supplies to drought-affected areas.  

Almost half the country lacks access to a basic water source, and children are particularly vulnerable to water-borne diseases. This project ensures 329,976 people have access to safe water.
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This means communities no longer have to boil their water, which saves around 400,000 tonnes of carbon being released into the atmosphere every year.

In addition, the project is helping to improve gender equality. The new boreholes mean time spent collecting water, traditionally a role carried out by women, has been dramatically reduced. Almost 90% of the women in the communities are using this newfound time to earn their own living, take part in social or voluntary activities or access an education.


tonnes of carbon are prevented from releasing into our atmosphere every year


reduction in time collecting water, thanks to the project


reduction in household air pollution

The Community Safe Water Project is run by CO2balance and Village Water in Manica, Tete and Sofala provinces in Mozambique.


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