Genzero projects =
Gold standard impact

GenZero projects are all Gold Standard certified – meaning your offsets will have the best possible impact on both our world and the communities already on the frontline of the climate crisis.

Image of gold standard climate projects used by GenZero ethical carbon offsets CARE / Morten Fauerby

Genzero projects in action

The projects you’ll help fund are guaranteed to bring climate-positive solutions and long-term sustainable development. And, as our GenZero community grows, so will the number of our climate-conscious projects.

Safe water in Sierra Leone

The Safe Water project in Sierra Leone brings clean drinking water direct to communities – families no longer have to boil water to make it safe, saving thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions from firewood and coal...

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Mozambique community borehole project

This innovative community project in Mozambique has not only provided nearly 330,000 people with clean water, but it’s given women time back from collecting water that they can use to earn money or access education…

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